Whether it’s across the country or down the street, we are the complete transportation solution for dealerships, auction houses, and your everyday car consumer.


Tyler McCormick moved from a small town in Arcade, NY, after school to secure a future in what he considered to be a better economy. Ten years later, he’s the owner of AutosDLVRD INC, a thriving automotive logistics business in Richmond, VA. Tyler slowly started with used trucks and cold sales calls, and before long, his name and reputation had spread. His entrepreneurial passion and perseverance have paid off. Today, he has 3 thriving businesses featuring a fleet of 40 semi-trucks, four rollback trucks, two mobile repair trucks, and 80 dedicated employees. How does his Business keep growing stronger? “It’s about follow-up and good customer service,” Tyler says. “I have a pretty reputable name, and I always deliver on my word.”


AutosDLVRD puts people and partners first by automating the automotive transportation process and elevating the vehicle purchasing experience. Combining our proprietary mobile app and extensive partner network allows us to provide a streamlined omnichannel experience for dealers, auction houses, and drivers, so you can sell and we can deliver.


AutosDLVRD utilizes a digital platform to improve efficiency, transparency, and communication. Our custom-built, state-of-the-art solution includes paperless documentation & secure, cloud-based storage.